Buying a Home

The family home is the single, most valuable asset that the majority of people will ever purchase. Working with the right property specialist will guide you in finding the property that best suits your needs while making the process as seamless as possible.

The Buying Checklist

Whether it’s your first time and you have decided to fulfil your dream of owning a home or you are a seasoned investor, it can be an exciting and daunting time full of possibilities. Using the checklist below will help you through the process.

Buying TaskYour ListDoug’s List
Choose a Realtor
Choose a realtor who has an action plan and a proven record of delivering results. A good realtor listens to your needs and is thorough and professional.I am happy to provide references who will attest to my professional and sincere efforts on their behalf.
Obtain Pre-Approval
To qualify for a mortgage you must meet specific income and debt guidelines. Your bank or credit union uses this information to calculate your maximum house price, down payment and monthly payments. It is important that you obtain pre-approval before starting the buying process as it will allow you to clearly identify appropriately priced properties. Pre-approval can also give you an advantage in the case of multiple offers.You may wish to deal with your current banking institution. Alternatively, I can provide you with a list of three recommended mortgage specialists.
Home Wish List
When thinking of your new home, what features come to mind? Would you like to live in a specific neighbourhood, have a certain number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or would it be nice to have a double car garage or a pool?Together we will discuss the type of property that reflects your family, lifestyle and personality. The ultimate goal is a targeted search that will save both time and energy and deliver the best result.
Home Search
We will view homes that have attributes identified on your wish list. It may be helpful to take notes or photos to review later when making your buying decision.I will search all possible avenues to find you the right home, including sites such as MLS, Craigslist, Kijiji and For Sale by Owner. I will review houses that suit your requirements and keep you informed of new possibilities. We will take a targeted approach and I will organize showings of homes that score highly on your desirability scale.

My job is to guide and assist you in making an informed decision so that when we find the right home you will feel confident moving forward.

Submit Offer
Your offer reflects how serious you are about purchasing the property. Considerations include listing prices and recent sales of comparable homes; whether there is competition for the home; whether the seller is motivated, and of course, what your financing will allow. Your offer will also include contingencies referred to as subjects. These may include confirming financing, appliance inclusions and house inspection, among other relevant subjects.Together we will form a strategy that will increase your chances of gaining an accepted offer. On your behalf, I will negotiate the best possible agreement. You will be fully informed at every stage of the process and we will work together to achieve a successful completion of the sale.
Subject Removal
Subjects that were included in your accepted offer must be removed by the dates specified and agreed to in your offer.I will assist and advise you throughout each detail of the subject removal process. I will ensure that you are fully informed before subjects are removed. This is a crucial step of your home purchase.
Complete the Purchase
A few days prior to the completion date, you will meet with your lawyer or notary to sign legal documentation completing the sale. I will provide recommendations to lawyers and notaries, and remain available at all times.
Possession Day
You will need to start preparing for the move well before your possession day arrives. Hire a moving company well in advance, notify your utility providers and postal service with a change of address and start packing.On possession day, I will meet you at your new home to hand over the keys and ensure that everything is in order.

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“Doug is extremely thorough and patient and really takes his time to ensure you find the right house. It is easy to see that he cares about his clients. We were provided with updates every step of the way and our questions were always answered in a timely manner.”

Jen & Jordan