Ideally you should have a week or two available before you list your property in order to stage your home and make it look its best for buyers. But, what if you listed quickly and within hours of the For Sale sign going up a buyer wants to view your property? In that scenario, you need to do some quick “staging” to get your home ready. Let’s assume your property is already clean and tidy. Here are some other things you can do:

· Open the curtains, even at night. This will make each room seem brighter, more appealing and more spacious.
· Pull out some boxes or storage bins. Put away personal knick-knacks (like that bowling trophy) and other personal items to reduce clutter on shelves and countertops.
· Clear countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Put the old toaster oven out-of-sight.
· Make sure lighting throughout the house is bright and comfortable. In darker areas, plug in a lamp.
· Clear away as much as you can in the foyer. Make that space look open, uncluttered and welcoming.
· Move cars out of the driveway. Give the buyer a convenient place to park!
· Make the beds. Fluff pillows on sofas.
· Clear away as many items as possible from the closet floors (such as shoes.)
· Open a window and air out the kitchen, especially if you just finished cooking.
· Make sure your pet is in a crate or, if possible, out for a walk. Not everyone loves pets.

These staging tips take only a few minutes each, but can make a big difference in the impression your home makes on a buyer. Want more home selling advice? Call today.

Investing a small amount of time and money can make a huge impact in creating a lasting impression on family, friends, neighbors and most importantly, potential home buyers.

1. Paint the front door. For a can of paint and days work you can easily add a memorable, modern touch to your home. Home buyers may view as many as 6 homes per day and they can all blend together. By adding a pop of color, you will distinguish your home from the rest.

2. Create an instant garden. Maintaining flower beds can be time consuming, by adding a few container gardens to your front entrance you can create a welcoming colourful space with minimal effort.

3. Hide those eyesores. Electrical boxes, air conditioning units, pipes and wires are all necessary components of any house, but don’t let them take away from the beauty of your home. Paint them a neutral colour, surround them with flowers and shrubbery or add a lattice screen to keep them hidden.

Wellness Fair at Greater Vernon Recreation Centre – March 2nd & 3rd  

This free event is a great opportunity to explore a wide variety of wellness products and services all in one convenient location. Exhibitors from the health and wellness industry will be showcasing natural and organic products. Nutritionists, counselors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists will be on site. This event is a great way to gain inspiration on ways to become healthier.

Luke McMaster with Guest: Andrew Allen at Creekside Theatre – March 3rd at 7:30pm
Lake Country

Two celebrated Canadian songwriters will be performing at the Creekside Theatre this month. Andrew Allen has scored five Top 10 hits in Canada. Luke McMaster has an impressive performance history including sharing the stage with some of the biggest acts of the day such as Randy Bachman, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and more.

SEISMIC Mountain Festival at Silver Star Mountain Resort – March 22nd to 31st

Silver Star will be hosting it’s first annual 10-day spring mountain festival. The SEISMIC Mountain Festival will include a ton of events including 7 signature sporting events, live music acts, beverage gardens & village DJ’s, wine & spirit festival & dinners, art exhibitions, vendors & live showcases. There will be games, prizes, fireworks and so much more. Be sure to show your support at the first annual event of it’s kind at Silver Star.

  1. Focus on eliminating interest
    It’s very difficult to save when you’re in debt. Hard earned cash is going towards hefty interest rates and it can put a serious strain on your efforts to save. Focus on paying those credit cards off first and foremost.
  2. Set a budget
    The only way to create a budget is to assess your current spending. Determining where your money is going identifies which areas you need to streamline. Make it your mission to cut the amount spent in these areas by half.
  3. Set up automatic transfers
    Set your online banking up to automatically transfer a designated amount of money to a savings account every payday. By using a hands-off approach, you won’t even notice the difference.
  4. Move to more modest living quarters
    Think moving from a two bedroom to a one bedroom. Or if you are really serious, find a roommate or even move home temporarily. Rent is a huge expense that could add up to a substantial savings in no time.
  5. Sell or downsize your car
    This isn’t practical in more rural locations, but take advantage of public transit, carpooling and biking when possible. This saves fuel, maintenance and wear and tear. Alternatively, you could sell your car and downsize to a smaller vehicle that’s more fuel efficient and lower in insurance.
  6. Put away every unexpected money you receive
    Think a bonus at work, tax return or rebate. Don’t look at this money as a reason to spend. This is an added bonus that you aren’t relying on to pay the bills. Tempting as it may be to treat yourself, sock it away and keep that goal of home ownership in mind.
  7. Save your money in a TFSA or your RSP
    A TFSA is a tax-free savings account and just like the name suggests, you can earn interest on your savings without having to pay any income taxes on it. With a Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) the amount you contribute to it each year is deductible from your taxes. This helps you save money by reducing your taxable income for that year, which allows you to pay less tax now. And RSPs aren’t just for retirement – the Canadian government allows you to withdraw up to $25,000 per year from your RSP to put towards your first home!

Cheese…It’s a Natural! – November 3rd 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

This free daytime event is dedicated to celebrating all things cheese! There are workshops, tasty samples and competitions. Vendors to share their local products and knowledge. The evening offers a ticketed “Spirited Tasting” with a number of courses paired with local beverages.


25th Annual Light Up Presented by Wayside – November 24th 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

A holiday tradition that attracts locals to the downtown core every year to experience family-friendly activities, food, live entertainment and more. Each block will have a theme with vendors and activities:

2900 Block: Letters to Santa by Wayside
3000 Block: 
Plasma Cars by Vernon Teach & Learn
3100 Block: 
Visits with Santa by
3200 Block: 
Bonfire by Santa’s Anonymous
3300 Block: 
Food Truck Alley by Valley First 
3400 Block:
 Ornament Decorating by Nature’s Fare Markets


Vernon Bridal Expo – November 24th 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The White Winter Wonderland themed bridal event is going to be an evening to remember. With decorations, Okanagan wines and local fare, what better way to plan your wedding!

I wanted to take a moment to express a sincere thank you to all the current and past clients that attended our appreciation event in October. It was a fun filled day with an excellent turnout. Giveaways, free family photography, refreshments and great company.

Looking forward to making it even bigger and better next year!


Residential Detached Homes

Sales By The Month: 93, down 29.01%

Sales Year To Date: 674, down 24.10%

Days To Sell: 62, up 19.71%

Inventory: 500, up 38.12%

Average Price By The Month: $483,666, up 3.69%

Average Price Year To Date:  $508,973, up 8.14%

The slowing sales trend continued in earnest in August due to less influence from Lower Mainland buyers and the mortgage stress test forcing some buyers out of the market altogether. While August typically experiences a seasonal slow down, a drop of 29.01% in sales and a rise in inventory of 38.12% compared to August 2017, indicates a broader market trend towards a balanced market.

While a more balanced market means the days of sellers being able to demand a sale price beyond the market with a take it or leave it approach is over for now, those same sellers will now benefit from greater choice on the buying side and no real impact on finances so long as they sell and buy in the same market.

With higher inventory, buyers have more choice and can take a more measured approach to ensure they choose the right home for their needs.

Whether you’re a buyer or a prospective seller, contact me to receive a more in-depth analysis of today’s changing market and how this could effect your housing plans.


Sales By The Month: 14, down 39.13%

Sales Year To Date: 147, down 4.55%

Days To Sell: 47, down 17.73%

Inventory: 78, down 7.14%

Average Price By The Month: $256,089, up 19.30%

Average Price Year To Date:  $215,495, up 6.68%

Condo sales were resilient in the first half of the year but are now also experiencing lower sales as interest softens. While sale numbers remain healthy compared to historic norms, the urgency buyers felt even six months ago has been replaced by a calmer approach better suited to the buyers timeline.


Sales By The Month: 9, down 18.18%

Sales Year To Date: 64, down 40.19%

Days To Sell: 137, down 49.54%

Inventory: 188, down 13.36%

Average Price By The Month: $228,944, up 33.94%

Average Price Year To Date:  $198,904, down 0.97%

Inventory of building lots remain low but will be bolstered in 2019 with the breaking ground of The Highlands of East Hill development.  More details to follow in a future blog on this exciting addition to the Vernon landscape.