Supercar Rentals, In the Okanagan – Sign Me Up!


Another year past, and my kids, another year grown! In fact, my son just turned sixteen, which was an exciting event for our family. Of course, we spoiled him a bit (you only turn sixteen once!) and among other things, we decided to give him a gift certificate to help with the purchase of his first car. While most of his friends had received help from their parents, our son was okay with getting there on his own. He wasn’t expecting any help from us. You can just imagine the surprised look on his face when he saw his gift, it was so genuine and awesome. I knew we had made the right choice, sharing in his car buying endeavor.

Of course, my son and I share a love for beautiful cars. We’ve spent time perusing dealerships, test driving the odd high-end vehicle, and of course lots of shop talk! It’s been on our bucket list to test drive a supercar. So I decided to look into what kinds of rentals the Okanagan has to offer.

Here is what I came up with:

Kelowna Exotic Car Tours & Rentals

At Kelowna Exotic Car Tours & Rentals, you can rent a super car for the day or go on a guided tour where you’ll have the opportunity to drive four different super cars over the course of an afternoon. For more information, you can email [email protected]

August Luxury Motor Cars

You can rent exotic cars from August Luxury Motor Cars, however they are currently restructuring their rentals division. For more information on their supercar rentals and rates contact [email protected]

Kelowna Performance Rentals

You can rent a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder from Kelowna Performance Rentals, for details and rates go to or call 250.215.5247


Enterprise has a luxury rental collection, but not much information is available online. You’ll have to contact them via their form on their website for pricing and availability. You can visit their website at  for more information.

I cant wait to scratch this one off my bucket list!