Do-It-Yourself Okanagan Wine Cellar


This blog started as indoor safety tips, but even I became bored. Let’s face it, install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, have a plan to get out in case of a fire and you’ve pretty much got it covered.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff. Who wants a wine cellar inside their home? That’s right, a wine cellar, why not? We do live in the Okanagan with fantastic wines on our doorstep. If you love wine then a wine cellar is a no brainer and you don’t even need to own a mansion to have one.

A very cool, budget friendly and easy to build wine cellar with room to hang out for you and your friends can be yours.

Step 1: Buy wine.  Actually this is step six but you’re going to need a glass or two to keep you company along the way.

Step 2: Choose the right location in your home.

Avoid rooms with lots of natural light, preferably a dark area in your basement with enough space to accommodate a good size wine rack and comfy chairs

Step 3: Cooler is best.

Ideally the temperature for your wine cellar should be no higher than 15 degrees celcius but let’s keep it real, your wine isn’t going to sit on the shelf long enough to spoil. J Add extra insulation if you want but first consider installing an insulated door and weather stripping and see if that does the trick.

Step 4:  Wine rack

You can find affordable wine racks online but if you would rather do-it-yourself, there are a number of online guides that can show you how to build your very own rustic wine rack sourced from old pallets, old dresser drawers and wooden crates.

Step 5: Decorating the space

Buy a barrel at a garden supply store as a cool side table adding great character to the space. Drape an imitation grape vine along the wall and wine rack. Throw in a colorful area rug and comfortable seating with ample cushions. Add muted lighting with a vintage stained glass lamp and soft music, decorate with prints and artifacts from your travels. Personally, I love the Tuscan look, terracotta tiles and lots of colour, but whatever works for you.

Step 6: Buy copious bottles of your favorite wines.

Step 7: Invite friends over to help christen and share the space.

Step 8: Take a beginner wine appreciation course and enjoy.