Getting an Early Start on Selling your Home

You’ve probably heard the expression, “The early-bird gets the worm.” It
refers, of course, to those who get in early and reap the rewards. For
example, if you arrive early to a retail store for a big blowout sale, you’re
likely to get the deals before the inventory runs out. The stragglers who
come later miss out.

Well, this same wisdom can be applied to selling your home. Starting the
process early — even if that means simply doing some initial planning —
gives you the edge in several ways.

First of all, you get extra time for preparation. That means you can get your
home cleaned, uncluttered and staged without feeling rushed. You also get
more time to find out how much your property will likely sell for on today’s
market. That’s important information, especially if you’re also looking to
finance a new home.

Secondly, there’s less stress. You’ll have more time to make the right
decisions. The last thing you want is to be scrambling around, last minute,
trying to get your home ready for sale.

Finally, with your initial preparations done, you’ll be able to put your home
on the market at a moment’s notice. That’s a huge advantage that’s likely to
lead to selling your property more quickly and for the best price. In fact, by
getting an early start on the process, you might even find that right now is
the best time to list — and you’ll be able to do so, with confidence.

Want help getting an early start on selling your home? Call me.