The hard work has been done in preparing your home for market. Now it’s time to find the right agent to assist and advise you through the process of selling your home. The vast majority of homeowners select their realtor by asking their neighbors, friends and family who they recommend. While this is a great first step, the prudent homeowner will go further to ensure they have made the right choice.

When you consider that the majority of homes that come onto the market don’t sell, choosing the best realtor for the job is crucial. I suggest you interview two to three realtors and vet them just like any job applicant. Remember, you will be entrusting this individual with your single most valuable asset.

Questions to ask that any good realtor will be happy to answer:

1. Commitment.
Is this their full time career? Do you really want someone trying to sell your home part time?

2. Knowledge.
Do they know their numbers and local market statistics as it pertains to your home and neighborhood? Top producing realtors have a comprehensive knowledge of the local market.

3. Marketing.
What will they do to market your home and optimize your chances of selling? Ninety two percent of all home buyers begin their search on the internet. What strategies are in place to ensure your home gets the attention? Will they be holding Open Houses, realtor tours?

4. Pricing.
Have the realtor explain, with supporting comparables, why your home should be listed at their suggested price. The ultimate decision on price should be yours.
Beware the realtor who tries to “buy” your listing by suggesting you list at a high price. All homes sell within the market range. Remember, you are interviewing for who can get you the sale and achieve the best “market” price.

5. Commission.
Have the realtor explain the various commission models and take the time to understand the implications. Does a lower rate really mean you will have more money in your pocket?

Ultimately, choose the realtor “BEST” qualified to sell your home. A hard working person with integrity, that you have rapport with and you can trust to maximize your chances of a successful outcome.

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