Investing a small amount of time and money can make a huge impact in creating a lasting impression on family, friends, neighbors and most importantly, potential home buyers.

1. Paint the front door. For a can of paint and days work you can easily add a memorable, modern touch to your home. Home buyers may view as many as 6 homes per day and they can all blend together. By adding a pop of color, you will distinguish your home from the rest.

2. Create an instant garden. Maintaining flower beds can be time consuming, by adding a few container gardens to your front entrance you can create a welcoming colourful space with minimal effort.

3. Hide those eyesores. Electrical boxes, air conditioning units, pipes and wires are all necessary components of any house, but don’t let them take away from the beauty of your home. Paint them a neutral colour, surround them with flowers and shrubbery or add a lattice screen to keep them hidden.